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DBM Landscapes take great pride in giving our customers the latest irrigation practices and technology. We believe in creating sustainable irrigation systems for all of our clients

But it doesn’t stop there. DBM will amend your soil profile to better suit our dry climate and create good biological activity to ensure your turf and gardens are less demanding on water into the future

Evapotranspiration (ET) based Irrigation Control

The latest water saving technology is now affordable for our waterwise customers.

ET based irrigation controllers compensate watering schedules via a weather station mounted on your roof. Studies have shown that they can reduce water use by 25% - 45%.



DBM Landscapes can install these for your home or workplace. 



After creating a healthy soil profile, it is time to install your automatic irrigation system. DBM uses PVC pressure pipe under all turf areas to guarantee a long service life. Popup sprinklers are then located throughout the turf area with the following in mind:

  • Best possible coverage (Distribution Uniformity or DU)
  • Minimising overspray onto paths and driveways


We use and recommend the use of MP Rotator rotary nozzles on your popup sprinklers. There are many benefits over a regular spray nozzle:

  • Excellent DU
  • Less effected by wind due to wider streams of water
  • Slow water delivery rate to ensure the turf can use the available water effectively without run off
  • Infinite adjustability of radius and throw angle



Garden Beds

In a densely planted garden, regular spray nozzles do not water effectively where the water is needed the most, the root zone. This is due to water wetting leaves and the top of mulch, where it is evaporated and wasted. Some plants may not even receive water due to being blocked by other plants

DBM use and recommend the use of dripline in garden beds. The water is delivered where it is required, straight into the root zone of your plants. The dripline is then covered with mulch to prevent evaporation. There are many benefits of dripline:

  • Not effected by wind
  • Depending on mulch selected, very low evaporation rates
  • Deliver water directly to roots of plants
  • Choice of water application rates for different soils



It is important to design and build a dripline system correctly. Using anti-syphon dripline technology, vacuum and flushing valves, inline disc filters and pressure reducing valves, we achieve the following:

  • A system that does not clog up with debris, from mains water or through sucking dirt up from the ground
  • System pressure that is stable, minimising blow outs
  • Ability to easily flush the system in case of blockage



Did you know that dripline can be installed underneath your turf? It is important to remember this method requires the upmost skills and experience. It should only be designed and built by a professional. Contact us for further information



There are some great value controllers on the market that will make controlling your irrigation system simple. Remember your controller should have the following features as a minimum:

  • Ability to run more than 1 program
  • Able to select individual days for watering
  • Rain sensor input to shut off irrigation in rainfall events
  • Seasonal adjustment of run times


If you require the ultimate in controllers we can offer these features to the most waterwise of customers:

  • Automatically shut off the system in event of a blowout
  • Email notification of faults
  • Outlook calendar irrigation programs
  • Start/stop stations/programs via smartphone or computer
  • Automatic updates of watering schedules via internet weather forecasts



Did you know for as little as $1500 you can recycle water from your home? DBM can design and build a system that will recycle water from your laundry, showers, basins and evaporative air conditioners. Whether it’s a new or old home, we have solutions available for you. Why not use water that you have already paid for?



Hydrozoning is slowly becoming a more familiar term in irrigation. It involves grouping together plants or turf with similar watering requirements. For example turf requires much more water than native plants, so hydrozoning them allows us to water the turf as one station and native plants on another, saving water.


DBM Landscapes would love to design your new irrigation system. Contact us for your free quote now

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